Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what you do?  That is a good question that doesn’t get asked very often. Why are we in the insurance business?  Is it for the money?  Is it for something to do?  Why would you pick the insurance industry?  Sure, it’s nice to get a paycheck, but even more satisfying is helping someone in their time of need.  Making sure that things go right through the process.  Making sure the economic loss you can’t afford to lose was transferred to someone else.  Making sure the economic loss you do suffer is at a minimum.  Any insurance agent can sell you a policy for a premium.  If you are happy with that, that’s okay, as long as you know the risks.  We would rather explain how to transfer your risk, give you options, and let you make the decision.  There is no insurance policy that will provide absolute coverage of your assets.  We want to make sure that you are happy with your part of the risk.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Want to win a $10 gas card?

Want to win a $10 gas card?  There are two ways you can win.  If you are a current customer, refer a friend for a quote.  Have your friend tell us you referred them and you win a $10 gas card.  It is as simple as that.  In conjunction with Red, White, and Boom, we are offering a $10 gas card to anyone not currently insured with us if we quote their auto and home insurance and are unable to provide lower auto and home account premium.  (See rules and regulations on our Facebook page.)   This is a win-win for both you and your friend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Most of us have a routine...

Most of us have a routine when we get to work.  Get a cup of coffee (or tea, or water).  That’s the first thing on the list.  Greet your co-workers, start your computer, check your phone for emails, and get started on your day.  My routine goes like this: I bring my coffee, so I don’t have to get any, start my computer; sort my mail; organize my desk;  retrieve the download from the companies; match the policy numbers to the customer that the system couldn’t find; print the download email; export, sort, and print the unbilled policy lists; distribute the unbilled policy lists; check my suspense; check the Alerts for any policies that need attention; read the emails for three email addresses; sort and distribute the emails; record the payments to the companies; record the payments to our office; and finally, I can start my day.  Whew!  Oh, yeah, I forgot, I need to retrieve the morning faxes from the web site and check our Facebook account……Hmmm…..what else am I forgetting? 

When you get into a routine and that routine gets interrupted, do you have a hard time getting back into your work mode?  It is not easy.  When someone changes your routine, do you have a hard time with it?  Change is not always easy.  You make think it is more work, when actually, most of the time; it is just a reorganization of what you do in a more efficient way.  Change.  Try it, you might like it.  Keep an open mind as things are always changing around you.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Megan Nixon Swan Joins the Agency

As the newest staff member of Nixon Insurance Agency, it is time to formally introduce myself to the Nixon BlogWorld; my name is Megan Nixon Swan and, if you couldn’t guess by the name Nixon, I am the daughter of Dave.  I come to Nixon Insurance Agency by way of Bradley University, more specifically the Athletic Department.  I spent six years at Bradley working as a Certified Athletic Trainer, and in that time, I was responsible for the care of Women’s Basketball, Men’s & Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Volleyball and Softball, along with assisting where needed.  My life as an athletic trainer, involved going to all practices and games for the sports I was responsible for, along with performing treatments and rehabilitation for athletic injuries; my life also involved never ending schedule changes, calls and texts at all hours of the night, and weeks, sometimes months without a day off.    All those, days on the road, last minutes schedule changes and late nights and early mornings meant that I wasn’t able to spend a whole lot of time with my new husband (It was one year June 30th). 

So why make the switch from Athletic Training to Insurance you ask?  I began to realize a little over a year ago, that I wanted something more in my life.  As I pondered the different avenues I could take (which can be difficult for a Master’s degree educated Athletic Trainer), the conversation with my Dad began about the possibilities of joining the business in the future.  During a couple of different shadow days earlier this Spring I realized the specifics of the job were a little different, but, that overall Athletic Training and Insurance weren’t that far removed from each other.  1.  Everything is logged into the computer, and I mean EVERYTHING!  2.  The bottom line is we are here to help people; we provide a service and our goal is to provide the best possible service we can to our customers. 

I have a lot to learn about the insurance business, but I am really excited about what the future holds.  

Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's up with that?

I was reading an article on Yahoo News about the Dee Why Grand Shopping Center. Apparently the mall has enacted a zero tolerance policy on screaming children. The irony of their new policy, it is in regards to the mall’s play area next to the food court. A notice was posted in the play area stating: “Stop. Parents please be considerate of the other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the center.” I don’t know about the malls you frequent, but the ones I have been to, the food court is always the loudest place in the mall. Second, why put a CHILDREN’S play area in the mall and then complain that they are too loud. I have two children of my own. Children are loud, especially while playing. I understand not approving of children screaming for no apparent reason, or the fits they throw being not acceptable by other customers. But what do you expect from a child that is playing, to pretend they are in the Library?

This article got me thinking of other things in life that make me wonder “what’s up with that?” Why can I check yesterday’s weather on Why would I need to know what the weather was yesterday if I already experienced it? Why does it take five minutes to make one minute rice? Why not call it five minute rice? Is this false advertisement? Why is a pizza box square if the pizza is round? Why is there no dislike button on Facebook? Apparently you have to like everything or your opinion doesn’t matter. When you call someone’s cell phone why is there an option at the END of their message to press a button to go straight to voicemail or wait (usually 1 more second) to go to the voicemail? That message would be more useful at the BEGINNING of the message. Why is it called a free gift? Aren’t all gifts free? Why is it called a hot water heater? If it already is hot water, what are we heating? Shouldn’t it be referred to as a water heater? Why do they make lemon juice with artificial flavors but use real lemons in liquid dish soap? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Why are men’s buttons on a dress shirt on the right side but a women’s buttons on the left side? These are just a few things to ponder during your busy day. I know it seems like I have too much time to think of the ironic things in life that others don’t give a second thought to. So I will leave you with one last question…What the heck is a grape nut?

Nicole Emery, AIC, FCLA

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cell Phones & Driving

Cell Phones and Driving

Technology, we all love it cell phones especially! Although when it comes to cell phones and driving, read the following:

A study completed by the University of Utah put subjects in a driving simulator while researchers observed their driving behavior in three scenarios: 1) without distractions, 2) talking with a passenger, and 3) while engaged in a cell phone conversation. The participants drove roughly 8 miles on a simulated freeway with light to moderate traffic. They were instructed to exit the freeway at a rest stop. Drivers talking on cell phones performed the worse. They were more likely to weave or depart from their lane, and were four times more likely to miss their scheduled turn off at the rest area. Talking to their passenger had little effect on their driving. Although talking on the cell phone or talking to a passenger both require listening and conversation skills, a passenger can provide assistance in pointing out dangers ahead or limit a conversation when the driving task becomes more complicated.

Debbie Rogy

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Alf Would Do Valentine's Day

Awe yes it is Valentine’s Day. Hmmmm, what to blog about. We could hash through romantic ideas on gifts or outings, how to insure those gifts of jewelry or even events that have occurred on this special day. But my husband always tells me I have a “special” way of thinking. So let’s do just that. For my Valentine’s Day blog I have decided to think about what Alf would do for this special day. That’s right Alf. For those of you youngsters, Alf was a beloved alien in the sitcom that aired between 1986-1990. So in remembrance of Alf, here is what I think his Valentine’s Day would be like.

Let say Alf’s planet of Melmac didn’t explode and he was just on a trip to Earth, first he would have to call up girlfriend Rhonda (that’s right, Alf’s girlfriend was named Rhonda). He would say, “Rhonda Baby, the Tanner’s and I have fixed my Patrol Ship and I am coming to sweep you off your feet with a romantic night for two.” Of course Rhonda would be so elated, you know since it has been years since he left Melmac. She would say “Oh Alfie I’m so excited.” She would primp and pamper herself for her loves arrival.

Once Alf arrives at Rhonda’s house he would try and woo her with flowers. Who knows what aliens of Melmac think of flowers, but hey it’s pretty standard here on Earth.

Of course he would take her to a special dinner of cat and for dessert…caterpillar pudding (yummo). Then they would spend the rest of the evening catching up on good times and all that Alf has learned on planet Earth and with the Tanners. They will even laugh about how we earthlings keep cats as pets instead of an ingredient to a meal.

So whatever it is you do for Valentine’s Day or even if it is just a Single Reminder Day to you, enjoy the people around you, cherish your friends and loved ones. And watch out for hairballs!

Nicole Emery, AIC, FCLA